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This page has Old Stuff, done in the 80's mostly, and New Stuff that I'm working on, posted so I can show it to people.
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New Stuff:

Shrine of Dreams

Since September, 2011, I have a new blog page up about things that interest me. It's a bit of an experiment and may change form or fashion over the next while. I will maintain this page for the forseeable future. (And, someday, I will finish "The Witchfeud").

Witchfeud from Eyrbyggja Saga

The Witchfeud

Lately I've been trying to adapt stories from Icelandic saga into comics form. "The Witchfeud" describes some events in Iceland beginning in 978 AD as related in Eyrbyggja Saga, written about 1220.
"The Witchfeud" is a work in progress and new pages will be posted as they are completed.
The Witchfeud is now about a quarter completed.

Old Stuff:

Forty-nine Twenty-nine North

Forty-nine Twenty-nine North

"Forty-nine Twenty-nine North" originally appeared in "Lost Souls" but was meant to be printed as a four-pager on a folded 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper. It's about Nelson, British Columbia. Some of the details are dated now but, overall, it's still true. envirojesus_panel (35K)

Environmental Jesus

"Environmental Jesus" was rejected by one publisher because it was "too negative". Tough.
Barbaric Science from Njal's Saga

Barbaric Science

"Barbaric Science" is a story based on Njal's saga. At the time I was interested in "true" barbarian tales, as opposed to Conan-type fantasy. Ballad of Wendel Clark by the Rheostatics

The Rheostatics:  The Ballad of Wendel Clark

"The Ballad of Wendel Clark, parts 1 & 2" was the first hit for The Rheostatics, a group I loved. For a while the Rheostatics used this comic in concert programs, but quit performing "Wendel Clark" in the late 90's because they were tired of it.
Here's the YouTube of the original promo video.
Meg in No Return

Meg: No Return

Meg and The Pantythief

Meg and the Panty Thief

The Meg stories were meant for a project called WinterCity Comics. It was about my town, Nelson, B.C., struggling through the economic decline of the mid 80's. The town's doing better now, but if the economy slides again, I'm ready to go! I never finished the artwork in the "Panty Thief" story, but it's good enough for JPEG.